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What is leadership?

Being a leader is about what you want in life and how you go about getting it. When you invite people into your life, you make sure they understand how you have your life setup is to win and they need to be cohesive with you.

No one can tell you what to do to be a leader, because to become a leader first, is knowing who you are. For example, if you ask me, “How do I lead this person to accomplish what I need from them?” Again, what I want and what someone else wants in the same situation, can be two different things. Meaning we have two different lives and two different perspectives, and desires. To tell someone how to be a leader, I can provide the framework of what it means, but as far as understanding it, a person has to get outside of looking for someone to give them the answer and understand they ARE the answer.

At the end of the day, it is all about trusting yourself.

Leadership and superiority do not go hand and hand. I think the confusion when it comes to leadership is one thinking they are better than the other because they simply view themselves as a leader or a leader of an organization, company, etc. Which is definitely not the case. No one is more superior than the other.

Leadership is also being of service. Leading through your actions, standing on your word, a person of principles, purpose, and a person who is solid all the way through. That is how you build trust and are comfortable for people to follow and depend on you. Learn to be a leader of service and a follower of enhancement. Enhancement meaning improving yourself as a leader and continuing uplifting those around you.

There is a saying that, “Leaders are born”, but I believe leaders are developed. Developing qualities through experiences, learning from mistakes, being disciplined, and knowing what you want out of life. To develop leadership qualities, one must first learn how to follow and most importantly trust in yourself.

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