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The definition of obsession is an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind. Either with someone or something. Meaning having a thought continually preoccupy your mind constantly that you cannot think of anything else. Sounds dangerous and maybe borderline crazy. Guess who else people called dangerous or crazy? Muhammad Ali, Marcus Garvey, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, amongst many others. All those people also had another common characteristic; they were obsessed with their passion.

What I have learned (still learning) is a person has to be obsessed with their idea or goal in order to make it a reality. I believe in this sentiment because if you are not, you will allow others to fill your head with self doubt, and doubt will ultimately lead to quitting. The question is, “How does a person become obsessed with their passion?” In my opinion, a person must figure out, “What are they good at?”and “What do they love doing?” Once you are able to figure those things out you can turn that passion into a career.


An obsession and an addiction can look the same but the root is different. Gambling for example, can be obsessive or addictive. The obsessive part is going to the same casino and betting the same numbers. No matter if you win or not, the point is everything is done in a specific way at a specific time. An addiction on the other hand is more dreaming and fantasizing about the money and the possible benefits from your winnings. The dreaming is active, enticing, exciting, and consuming an entire day of thinking about the possibilities.

Being obsessed is not a bad thing only if you know how to control and manage your life around your obsession. Per the previous paragraph above, part of an obsession is doing things a specific way, a specific time. Doing things a specific way and a specific time is called a routine.

Having a routine can lead to having structure. Once structure is developed you are able to control and manage situations in your life.

Tying it Together

The word obsession can have a negative connotation to it. However, I believe it’s only negative if you allow the obsession to control you. Being obsessed with your goals is not a bad thing as long as you have a plan in place and you are taking action to fulfill your purpose. A lot of people have come up with ideas, inventions, and products that we use today. Those people I am confident to say had doubters and naysayers, but it was their passion and obsession that made their dream a reality.

What I want to emphasize about being obsessed is the understanding of being so focused on your passion that no one will be able to knock you off your path. Being able to cancel out all the noise and doubters (and self-doubt), to reach your ultimate goal.

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