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Trust is a word people generally use when they want others to believe them. It’s almost like a test of loyalty and a question of reassurance when someone asks, “Do you trust me?” Or “If you trust me, then…(blah) (blah)”

Myself personally, I don’t trust anyone. The only thing I trust is that people are going to reveal who they really are. I trust in myself I will make the best possible decision for me. When you put the responsibility on yourself, it puts a lot of things in perspective.

Let me explain:

I talked before about taking being accountable for your actions (especially as men), and not worrying about outside factors that may try to deter you from your path. Yes, people you care about will disappoint you. However, when you look at the perspective of not placing expectations on others and keeping the expectations you have about yourself on you, no one will “disappoint” you.

The point is to control what you can control. Understand everyone has a right to make choices. Meaning, you can’t get upset when someone makes a choice that does not align with yours. Just like you have the choice to make a decision you feel is right for you. When you allow others choices to get you upset, then they are the ones who are able to control you.

In conclusion, again control what you can control. Stop worrying about others. If someone close to you makes a decision that will compromise the relationship, you have to accept the reality and move on. Move on from the situation, control your emotions, learn from the experience, and maintain your integrity and character about yourself. Stay in control.

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