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The Dangers of Tunnel Vision

Some times when you’re in the picture, it’s hard to see the full picture.

I always talk about being focused and not letting people or things distract you from reaching your goals. I will always stand by that. However, we still have to be aware of people and things around us. If we’re not consistently aware and stay caught up in our own line of sight, we will not be able to see things in its entirety.

“Tunnel vision” in my opinion, is a phrase that is often misused because it’s misuse in context. For example, someone may say, “The key to success is to have tunnel vision”. This may be the truth, but it’s a half truth. Meaning, it is key to stay focused in order to achieve success, but making “being focused” and “tunnel vision” synonymous is not true. Being focused does not mean avoiding your surroundings; being focused means having the awareness of your surroundings and still having the discipline to maneuver through those surroundings.

Having tunnel vision though does have its place. Tunnel vision applies in more of a singular environment. For example at the gym, you want to maintain tunnel vision so you can be in tuned with the exercises you’re performing; or even taking a test at school. Channeling elite concentration to do your best. Singular environment settings is where in my opinion, having tunnel vision is appropriate because at that moment, nothing else that is surrounding you matters.

Tunnel vision can be dangerous in a more general environment when other people are around occupying and displaying various behaviors in proximity. For example, if you’re driving on the road. You want to be focused on driving safely, but you do not want to have tunnel vision when driving because then you won’t be aware of other vehicles and factors on the road. Not being aware of your surroundings on the road can cause an accident or other negative incidents.

I hope for those reading this it makes sense. Tunnel vision is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can become dangerous if its definition and context is not understood properly.

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