ALPHA Bodies

Making Health & Fitness a Lifestyle

I developed Alpha Bodies to help people reach their goal. Whether it’s you losing weight, gaining muscle, or changing your nutrition, you are developing your own alpha body. I am a certified personal trainer and is committed to helping clients build confidence, strengthening the mind, building character, giving 110% effort, and never giving up. I am not here to sell a dream or fantasy, my main objective is to help you reach your goal of becoming a better you.

The definition of an alpha is being a leader. To become a leader, a person must learn to follow, practice and build qualities to become an alpha. What makes a person an alpha is being able to be physically and mentally disciplined.


 What i Offer 

Clients will receive workouts and programs tailored to help them reach their goals, With month to month weight loss, strength building, and cardio prgrams. Free consultation where we review goals, lifestyle, and develop a proper program for you. 

-Programs designed for your desired goals (weight loss, strength, etc.)
-Demonstration videos on movements
-Weekly check-ins
-No confusing language, everything is straight to the point
*Questions and payments for any of the program options, email:
You will get a response within 24 hours


"In just 6 months of training with Tony and I lost 36 pounds"


"Reaching my goal working with Tony"


"I never worked harder in my life"


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